• Monday, July 15th 5:00PM - All Rides 1 Coupon Each (this is a great time to go because of the small crowds, and little to no lines for the rides. Get a few friends together to go in on the big pack of ride coupons for the best deal.

  • Tuesday, July 16th 5:00PM - Unlimited Rides $20

  • Wednesday, July 17th 5:00PM - Unlimited Rides $20

  • Thursday, July 18th 5:00PM - Unlimited Rides $20 - Be sure to come see us at the Wright Realtors booth (5pm-9pm) in the Expo Hall for free stuff!

  • Friday, July 19th 5:00PM - Regular Price Ride Coupons

  • Saturday, July 20th 1:00PM - Free Rides from 1-2pm, Ride ALL DAY FOR $20, but must be purchased by 5pm. After 5PM its regular priced ride coupons needed.

Coupon Prices:

$1.25 each, 21 coupons for $20, 55 coupons for $50, and $120 coupons for $100. ALL RIDES TAKE MORE THAN ONE COUPON. Your best value is to go with the $20 wrist bands days/times, or go the first day where it's only 1 coupon per ride and there are almost no lines.