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Nov. 28, 2022

Indiana Tax Sale Process Explained

Are you interested purchasing a property at an Indiana county tax sale? If you’re new to tax sales you will need to learn the process before going. You will also need to research your properties before the sale so you know what you are purchasing.

Once the taxes on a ...

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Nov. 3, 2022

Indiana Sheriff Sales Explained

How does the Indiana foreclosure sale process work? After a few months of non payment, the mortgage company can file with the courts to foreclose on your property. Even HOAs can foreclose for non paid HOA fees, I see a number of these every year as well. Once the lender ...

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Jan. 28, 2021

Sewer Line Repair in Brownburg!

Part of the responsibility of owning a home or rental property is maintenance repairs. Unfortunately items like sewer lines can be really really expensive. This particular property was a 1950's rental property that had cast and galvanized pipes. Those pipes rust and erode away overtime. Older homes like this ...

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April 24, 2020

COVID-19 - How Will It Impact Real Estate Prices?

What will happen to Hendricks County and Central Indiana real estate as 2020 progresses? Let me start off by saying this is not like 2008 where we had the housing and mortgage crisis that caused that recession. The last few years we have had a housing shortage, which has caused ...

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March 16, 2020

Zillow Pre-Foreclosures - What are those?

When searching for Hendricks County foreclosure homes on Zillow many buyers ask me about the the ones labeled as "Pre-foreclosure." Everyone wants a great deal, and foreclosures are usually sold under value because they need work. Zillow displays these like regular for sale listings now with with their own price ...

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Jan. 26, 2020 vs vs Review

(updated 1/26/2020)

Having purchased several online auction properties from and I find myself discussing these sites with a lot of people, so I decided to do a blog post about them. I have yet to win an auction from, but I have ...

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Jan. 13, 2020

Lowe's vs Menards vs Alternatives

When it comes time for home improvement projects the first place most people start is at Lowe's or Menards. For this blog post I will leave out Home Depot since we do not have a location real close to us in Hendricks County, so I almost never shop there ...

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Dec. 18, 2019

Investor Friendly Real Estate Services - Hendricks County

For investors (and more so for out of state investors) it can be hard to find real estate agents who understand your wants, needs, and take you serious. When you start talking about buying property at deep discounts, BRRRRs, using other people's money, and property management you find many ...

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Nov. 17, 2019

Another Rental Property Acquired!

Another rental property complete, and it could not have gone any smoother! I purchased this one on October 17th and got it all cleaned up and some renovation work done the first two weeks on my own. My contractors worked the second two weeks on it to finish all the ...

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July 1, 2019

Why is rental property such a great investment?

Why is rental property such a great investment?

Three main reasons:

1. Value Appreciation - Both home values and rental rates increase over time.

2. Tax Benefits - The income is not subject to social security tax AND you get a large tax deduction for nearly 30 years (called depreciation).

3. Income ...

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