How hot will lower priced starter homes be during the Spring 2020 season? Here is one indication. A listing came up for about $140,000. It was a smaller starter home in Brownsburg that have been renovated. It was priced under value in my opinion, most likely on purpose to get lots of interest and offers, which is a good strategy for sellers at  this price point. I setup a showing for a client and we were one of the first showings. The house was nice, so we put an offer in real quick a little over list price, which was the first offer the seller received. We put a tight deadline on it hoping to get it under contract quick. The sellers agent called me a little later that day to let me know they were going to hold off accepting something because of all the interest. Within 12 hours of listing they had OVER 30 SHOWINGS in progress or scheduled. WOW! You can see how hard it is to compete. On this particular property my client decided to not battle it out with the others because we knew it was going to go higher than what he wanted to pay. If this is any indication, the Spring/Summer seasons are going to be crazy as more buyers start looking. Are you a homeowner that is considering moving up in home this year? There are plenty of buyers ready to purchase yours! Contact me for a FREE valuation!