Part of the responsibility of owning a home or rental property is maintenance repairs. Unfortunately items like sewer lines can be really really expensive. This particular property was a 1950's rental property that had cast and galvanized pipes. Those pipes rust and erode away overtime. Older homes like this tend to have small crawlspaces as well. On top of that, the sewer line inside the crawl had been leaking causing a bad smell inside the home, which prompted the tenant to call. Just to get started the sewage in the crawl had to be sucked out by a remediation company. After that the plumbers got rid of all the cast iron and galvanized piping. It's best to fix it all when you get into piping like that because you don't want to have more issues down the road. This was an expensive project, but be sure you shop around a lot when it comes to these types of repairs. We had quotes from $4000-$10,000 just for the plumbing due to the complexity and small crawlspace of the home. In the end the remediation company and plumbing company did a great job and the issue is taken care of! Make sure you always have emergency funds whether you are a home owner, or rental property owner!