Are you interested in a new construction home at Heritage Lake? When looking at Heritage Lake builders you have a choice of several different active builders in the area, plus several other smaller custom home builders that work in that area. Each builder typically has existing floor plans to choose from and usually has the flexibility to make changes if you desire. Alternatively, you can bring your own floor plan and have multiple builders bid on your home. When I work with new clients looking to build at the lake, we typically have an initial meeting to go over what you are looking for. From there we will setup some meetings with builders, and stop by some of their under construction properties. Once you decide which builder you would like to work with construction typically takes about 4 months (longer for more customized homes). Contact me today to go over all your builder options at Heritage Lake!

Do I need to buy my own lot to build? - This is a common question I often get asked, and the answer is no. Most of the builders keep lots in inventory so they have choices for home buyers without the upfront expense. Additionally, I also keep vacant lots in stock, that way my clients always have lots available to pick from if they are not ready to commit to a particular builder. You are welcome to buy your own lot separately, and in many cases home buyers do this option so they can pick a nicer lot, or have lake access in the years before they intend to build. Contact me today if you would like to know about both listed, and off market vacant lot options at Heritage Lake.

Do I need a construction loan? - The answer to this depends. Some builders will work without the construction loan if you are buying the typical home they sell. Then once the home is complete they sell it to you for the contracted price. However, in many cases builders only do so many of these because it puts more risk and expense on their shoulders. With a construction loan, your lender will make payments to the builder during the construction process, and once the home is complete you have the final closing. Contact me today if you would like some lender options to build anew home at the lake!

Can I do a USDA 0% down loan? - YES! Heritage Lake is located in the USDA 0% down loan area. This means you can build a new construction home, pick out your finishes, pick your lot, and have very little money out of pocket! Contact me today about building your brand new home with a USDA loan!

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