Are you looking to sell your home fast? Are you looking to get your home pending on your terms so you can purchase your next home? It's no secret, in this market if your home is not already pending it is hard to make strong offers for your next home. In this blog post we will compare a couple options for you. As of this post Zillow Offers is NOT available in the Central Indiana or Hendricks County market. However, I do anticipate them starting their Zillow Offers program in our market in 2021, or 2022 at the latest which is why I am including them. Plus it's great to learn about future selling options. On a side note there are several other company that offer similar programs to Zillow that will also buy your home, but the purchase terms are close to the same.

Here we compare 3 different selling methods...

A few notes about what I am looking for if I were to buy your home. I am mostly looking for properties under $250,000. My preferred properties are 3 bedroom 1 to 2 bath homes because they make great rentals. Please reach out and let me know what you have!

Also, I will always give you pricing/comps, and net sheets based on all the selling methods above. That way you can make the best decision that gets you the price/terms for your situation. If you are not sure which one is best we can do a hybrid of the methods to give you the best offer. For example, I can give you a cash offer to purchase up front, then we can list the property on the MLS. At that point you can pick from all your offers.

For a no obligation cash offer and home valuation shoot me a quick message!

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