What are the Pro's and Con's of moving to Brownsburg, Indiana? Here area few things to consider if you're not from the area.

  1. Location/Info - Brownsburg is located just off Interstate 74 just outside of Indianapolis. Being located off the highway makes travel to the 465 loop really easy, however the highway does not go straight through all the way downtown. Given its close proximity to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Lucas Oil Raceway the town has a lot of racing related businesses that have set up shop in Brownsburg. One of the biggest complaints about the town is the lack of grocery stores. The town is growing fast and only has a Kroger and Walmart. However, it was recently announced (in 2020) that Kroger is building a new much larger store next to their current one which should open in late 2021. Additionally, the grocery chain Aldi will be building a store, so some improvements are coming. Most of the new businesses tend to go on the “Northside of town” (North of US136/Main St), so some of residents on the “Southside of town” would also like to see things come to their area. The town also has a lot of great non chain restaurants including donuts, ice cream, pizza, Thai food, and sit down restaurants.

  2. Parks - The town has a few nice parks including Williams Park, and Arbuckle Acres which is located right next to the new downtown development area. There are also a few smaller parks, and other new planned parks and athletic fields coming soon. They also have a former railroad line called the B&O trail that was turned into a nice long running trail that connects to different areas of town. Additionally Eagle Creek is not very far away for more outdoor fun.

  3. Traffic - Brownsburg traffic generally only gets slow along sections of Green St which is the main North/South road through town. On this road there are a lot of busy intersections and a lot of it is made up of single lane road. Additionally, there is an active railroad track right through the middle of town. While there are only a handful of trains per day that travel this route, they come through slow, and occasionally stop on the track, blocking main roads.

  4. Schools - The Brownsburg school system is consistently highly rated in state rankings, and has nice facilities. The sports teams excel in many school sports, and are also known for strong little league baseball teams, some of which have played in the Little League World Series.

  5. New Downtown - The town has focused on revitalizing and growing its downtown area just around the corner from its historic downtown area. This is the area on Green St, and is North of Main St. This new area features all new buildings with higher end apartments, retail, restaurants, and coworking/micro office space for small businesses. At this time some of the retail has been a little slow to fill in, but overall its a very nice addition to the town.

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