What are the Pro's and Con's of moving to Plainfield, Indiana? Here area few things to consider if you are not from the area.

  1. Location - Plainfield has great proximity to the Indianapolis airport, and interstate 70 for a quick shot into downtown Indy. Plainfield has a significant foothold in the warehouse distribution industry with a huge amount of warehouses in the general area. However it was planned very well, and almost all the warehousing is located in the same area between Quaker Blvd (formerly SR 267) and the Indy airport. A town with a lot of warehousing may not sound ideal, but it gives a huge tax dollar boost to their local tax base and jobs which allows the town to have a lot of nice amenities for its residents. The town is currently revitalizing their old downtown with new higher end apartments and other amenities. As of this post it is just in the beginning states, but there is a thought out 20 year plan that goes with it.

  2. Parks - Plainfield is a very connected community with several parks. The trails they have are some of the best in all of Hendricks County, because you can get almost anywhere on these trails. It's very nice! Hummel Park is a really nice park which has several playgrounds, pond, creek, sports fields, and even a small concert venue for Summer events. I would also say this is one of the best parks in the whole county as well. The town also has a aquatics center/health facility, complete with indoor/outdoor water park for fun all year round.

  3. Shopping/Food: You have plenty of shopping choices in Plainfield, including an outdoor mall called "The Shops at Perry Crossing." Many people come from neighboring towns to visit the mall. One thing that is lacking is there is not a big box hardware store. For a town this size you would think there would be one, but there are some options in nearby Avon. As far as food, you also have plenty of options with the mall area and general main business district. There are some fantastic independent restaurants that are unique to the area.

  4. Traffic - Traffic really isn't too bad in Plainfield. It gets a little heavy goes through the older downtown area because the road narrows down and those taking lefts can hold up traffic where there are no turn lanes.

If you are looking to move to Plainfield, and you like a well rounded town close to the airport and downtown, then Plainfield is an outstanding option. If you need a Plainfield, Indiana Realtor to help you find the perfect home please send me a quick message! There is a lot of economic development happening in the area. If you are reading this long after this blog post please reach out and I will bring you up to speed with all the latest happenings!